Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Louisiana has animal protection laws but the DA and Police refuse to act on this admitted dog beater

Here are some statues on animal cruelty in Louisiana. It seems to me it is the duty of the DA or police to investigate this case. it is an admitted dog beating case.
If the police does not investigate make an arrest and if the DA does not act they all could be breaking this statute which clearly states "failure to act" which if results in more cruelty it would be legally on their hands as well. § 102. Definitions; cruelty to animals The following words, phrases, and terms as used in R.S. 14:102.1 through R.S. 14:102.4 shall be defined and construed as follows: (1) "Cruel" means every act or failure to act whereby unjustifiable physical pain or suffering is caused or permitted.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The sickness of Killing

On this Christmas Season I want my American Friends, Democrats, Republicans, Non Political people, Religious, non religious, everyone really, to think about this for a minute with an open mind.
I am against abortion because I find it one of the most unnatural acts to do.
I thought about that a lot. To kill once own blood before it is born. Very unnatural I think. I do not think that most women that are getting the abortion, would NOT do it, were they fully aware of the profoundness of the act and if they had a non judgmental support system.
I honestly do not know the answer to get people to stop killing their unborn children. I do not know how to do that.
I do not know how to get people to stop killing anything, period. It seems that killing in general is just a common thing these days. Much Killing is done without remorse. Just another day and we move on. There is always an excuse.
Women do not want to see their aborted babies. Just don't show her the broken bodies that may cause her to think what she really agreed to. Why is that? If it is Ok then why not look at what it looks like? Is it because deep down we know if she saw the ten fingers, ten toes, two arms, the head, the eyes, the nose and the hair, that it would be heart wrenching and conscious stirring? That she may say "What have I done? Never again!"
I don't judge these women. I do question the system. I think they are desperate, many of them at least. I think they are misguided, lied to, and they don't see any help, they are overwhelmed and then there are those that just use abortion as a form of birth control.
To me it is all very, very sad. Killing of babies, killing of animals killing of people, and especially killing of babies. Killing of the innocent is such bad karma.
Everywhere there is blood letting, we are saturated with it. Will things change eventually? The heart of men are cold these days cruelty is everywhere. But there is much good too. I try to remember that.
Politically what do we do? I honestly don't know. Those people that are part of the machine that keeps promoting this, are most culpable. They profit from it, they are in my humble opinion.... evil.
Their worship of money overrides any and all moral or ethical critical thinking.
It is easy to judge the women, tell them they shouldn't and what monsters they are, but they (most anyway) don't see an alternative and it is so easy like getting a flu shot.
All they know is, another mouth to feed and no money. Maybe they shouldn't have sex because sex is what leads to pregnancy. There is too much sex I think anyhow. Too little love and too much sex. But people keep having unprotected sex, they get pregnant and then they abort. Like tossing out an old head of lettuce from the fridge. Do they even realize what it is they are doing?
We talk about helping the poor in other countries, we go fight wars for the supposed betterment of other countries, who don't even want us there but we don't see the need here in the Homeland. I can't even get angry anymore. Just profoundly sad.
Families are broken, fathers are missing, mothers are aborting, no jobs, but someone is profiting from the torn babies, the broken bodies, the limbs lying around, highest bidder takes all.
The problem is terrible. Because of abortion the birth rate has shrunk and our society is shrinking with it. Ethically, morally and demographically we are shrinking.
Like I said I am not a card carrying Christian. I don't say I don't believe that there may be a greater power, I haven't seen any evidence. I do have an ethical compass and the needle is just flipping all over. Ethical north is lost, it seems that way.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Georgia State Senate: OPPOSE HB 423!

The great Leonardo Da Vinci ahead of his and our time.